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April 16, 2008


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Update 5/9 The Debt is Paid!!!- Where to Buy: Mom's from Spain - Erotic Calendar for Serradilla del Arroyo School Fundraiser Peters Out! 5,000 Copies left and No More Debt as of Today!!!:



so..how do we help these women with their scheool?


Where can I buy one?


I'd love to help out their school, whether or not I get a calendar. So how can I contact them to help?


I am trying to find a web address or a phone number for the school, or the city, but all I coming up with are vacation villas. I will keep trying.



I would be interested in helping out their school as well so if you find any info please post it thank you


How do we buy one or help their school?


I would like to help out...


I also would be interested in buying a calendar but cannot find info online. I will keep checking back, so please post if you find anything.


I appreciate the comments. And would assume that the "moms" are being contacted by the media. I would think that they would create a web site to sell the calendars. I will keep looking, and if anyone else finds something, by all means- post it.



Yes, let's help - anyone who knows them, knows the printer, etc. get us information, sell on ebay, something!!


Brave women !!!
I would love to help, too - where or how to donate money ?

Regards to all from Germany




I got in touch with one of the mothers from the group and she is going to ship one of the calendars to Boston for me. She e-mailed me the bank info today. Will let you know how it goes!

Rosa Garin

I am one of the mothers of Serradilla, Rosa Garin.
I am very grateful for all your support.
If you want to contact us mail is: ctr@ctrlacasadelmedico.com.
Thank you all.


I would gladly buy TWO calendars.


I wrote them. The address to order a calendar is as follows. I'm going to send them $10 for the calendar & $10 for shipping. If you send them a money order, make sure it's an international one.

Madres del calendario, Rosa Garin
Salas Pombo, 12
Serradilla del Arroyo, Salamanca

guy rippingale

EBAY!!! put an ad on Ebay!!! I will buy one...
(thats if you havent already - Ill check now...)

Rosa Garin

Hello everyone, there is news of new calendars for mothers of serradilla


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I find it a great work. Thanks, I hope to see better reports in the future.

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