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June 27, 2008




Sam Waters

Have you guys heard about this? It's kind of in a similar vein.


It's some new show Lifetime is doing.

Deven Trabosh

The Ad was merely a Marketing tool to either sell my home or perhaps meet someone special or BOTH. There are personal ads out there all the time. The ad reads Florida Home- Princess Bride included Which is suppose to mean , I would like to get Married. When you get Married everything is combined including your home. I only owe $70,000 on my home so it is Not about the Money. The story is about meeting the Right person & living Happily Ever After. The money is not the Issue for me. I have been trying to clear it all up. All the people that really know me & know that I am good person understands the truth.I am not sure you heard of my story in the News? It was mis-represented by some of the media. I placed the Ad as a gutsy marketing tool & its crazy the way the media portrayed it. I think you know that is how the media make Money to make a News story sound questionable.I have had mainly positive responses because I am only reading legitimate articles. I signed to do Dr Phil But Lifetime & another TV production studio is talking about doing a reality show about this. I get paid to do that project. I am soooooo EXCITED. I am trying to do as many radio & TV interviews as I can to promote myself if I get the reality shows. I did a live Fox world interview you can it on Fox Americas newsroom I did the Australia Live Morning show Thursday & German Live Morning show on Monday, I have also done a shoot for Inside Edition. The Inside Edition airing should be on July 14-15 . I think I did the right thing & they are portraying this as a good story in finding my Prince Charming & its FUN!!!!
I hope you wish me well with this some good things are happening for me finally. I am a good person & I think I deserve it. Deven

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