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June 19, 2008



They're just sluts...what't the big deal? Didn't your high school have them? That's what abortion is for, to prevent these kids from having the burden of babies...Obama even said so!!


I like that NBC is spreading a good message to teens about not getting pregnant. I will have my brothers and sisters watch Baby Borrowers. I think it starts on June 25th at 9pm!


Don't you get it??? These girls REFUSED birth control. They had access to it. Hell, they were in the high school health clinic all the time getting pregnancy tests to find out if Billy Bob hit their timing just right. NOTHING could have stopped their quest to get pregnant. These were not accidental pregnancies by naive kids. They are not retarded or braindead!! They knew what they were trying to do!!

These are not young newly weds. These tramps screwed over and over with any boy till they got pregnant. Even the news media said the pregnancy test requests at the school had skyrocketed!! Okay, then what is your definition of a slut. This is what the Webster online dictionary says: SLUT - 1 chiefly British : a slovenly woman 2 a: a promiscuous woman. Now, I am not judging these kids, but they fit the definition of SLUTS!!!!

Liberals are just upset because they have to take responsibility for glamorizing sex outside of marriage. It is a hard pill to swallow.


These Gloucester girls are swigging whiskey, doing meth, smoking pot, and sucking God only knows what else...just give these little harlots some birth control pills so they will stop screwing up their lives.

Eton Master

They should get sewn up so no one else gets in. A stupid slut is a stupid slut...I'm sure the kids will be proud to know they're mothers are filthy whores.


Never Judge Another Womans Daughter. .
If Thats What They Wanted To Do With There lives Who The Hell Are We To Judge The Especially Calling them Names . . .
Your Ignorant To Who They Are And What They Do . . You ONly Know What The Media Puts Out There So What If They Wann Hvae Kids Your not Raising Them Or There Children . .


Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.

Lou- thanks for asking - In the right column you scroll down and see after the Buzzfeed feature- Subscribe to this blog's feed- it sends you to this link- and you pick your RSS reader etc.



i dont think that they are sluts. at all. it was their decision. its not like they were having sex with anyone who was willing. they had boyfriends who cared.

calling them sluts or filthy whores is just being ignorant. you obviously had no idea what had happened to call them that.


you all have no right to say that kind of things to the girls that got pregnet its not there fault that there mommys and daddys dont talk to them about anything haveing to do with sex how it is to raise a kid... there just girls that want to belive in the fairy tales that they grew up on.. no one had the balls to pop there bubble of fantsay to teach them or show them what to do.....

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