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September 18, 2008


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kupyn, olya

What is wrong with you our dear American neighbours?
I grew up under communism and despise the system. I always looked up to the USA.
And now, since my beliefs differ from those of Sarah Palin you would consider me a leftist extremist? I have 3 university degrees (2 graduate) but I do not look down on people with no formal education. Nevertheless, when you are choosing someone
"a hearbeat" from the president, I would expect to see a little sophistication, a little class. So far, in all the speeches by Sarah Palin I did not detect any. It has nothing to do with a particular hairdo or glasses, class is beyond it. I would hate to see this person speak for me .
Why are you so angry (Fox outbursts) at Heather Malick. She stated openly what many feel. Honestly, there is something terribly wrong going on in your country.

O. Kupyn
(NOT a pinko commie...)

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