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September 08, 2008


Doug Garretson

I ordered one of each of these Sarah Palin action figures from HeroBuilder.com on September 9th, and have not heard from the company since. They have debited my PayPal account, but I have not received a package from them, nor have I even received an email indicating that they received and were processing my order. I've called their phone number and left a voicemail message, and I've written them an email requesting order confirmation, but I have received NOTHING in return. No reply of any kind. And now when I call their order number a recorded message tells me their voicemail system is not working. IS THIS A SCAM?? Are these people to be trusted? Should I take action via PayPal to get my money back? Any help would be appreciated.


I placed an order on Sept. 12. Nothing has been sent. No answers to my e-mails. Paypal gave them $325. and will not refund my money because it has been over the 6 weeks limit (paypal limit on refunds). A total scam. No dolls, no refund, no response from Hero Builders or Paypal. Don't buy from Hero Builders.


I beleive this is a SCAM.!!.I placed 2 orders on 9/10/08, paid via Paypal, not received any items, nor have they ever responded to my voice or emails...BEWARE.!!Paypal wont refund money after 45 days...this is a Scam..!!! try calling the phone number first 203-888-0147 Before you order, just see what happens...

Power Shopper

Don't hold your breath

Sarah Palin Pics

The world if going crazy with her.

Palin Hero dolls? WTF is that?


I ordered this doll several months ago and paid $35+ including shipping. Never received the. I emailed the company five times; no repsonse; I've called the company twice - no return calls; I contacted PayPal about three weeks ago (I used paypal to order the doll)...no followup response from them.

This company is a rip off. I plan to contact the better business bureau and anyone else who can alert others to this scamp.

Gary English

I also placed a order with then 4 months ago. They will not reply to emails or phone calls. I have complained to CT Attorney General, BBB, Ripoffreport.com, and complaints.com so far. PayPal has stopped doing business with them but won't help get my money back.


I ordered a doll for 700.00 from them and it is completely terrible. So, NO I didnt order a Palin doll I ordered a personalized one and it was terrible work and you email and call and you get no response but they are quick to take your money. I say whoever is interested in buying anything from herobuilders.com to look elsewhere, this place is terrible and now I am out 700.00 I paif on amex and I cannot get that back and they dont refund, they only shipped my doll and forgot other things I ordered in the box. This place sucks and I hope you tell everyone so that no one gets anything from them or loses anymore money buying anything from them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

jaime jackson

I have also been scammed by this horrific company and have put complaints on every site possible and will continue to till they are shut down so no one else buys from Mr. Vicale. This place is a joke. I however received my doll and it seems that most of you who paid with paypal didnt get your doll because he just let the time run out for you to get a refund and paypal should catch on to that with this company. I paid with amex and maybe thats why I got my doll in a months time. But it looks like they threw it together in a day and it is terrible. Especially for paying 800.00 this doll looks nothing like my husband after it was painted, I asked for a Colts football uniform and I have a dark blue oversized shirt with stickers for the number, they couldnt put the name on it because the sculptress got sick so they just added a nice note in the box and pretty much said oops no name on this cause someone got sick. They forgot the stand I bought, they overcharged me 45$ on shipping, they stated that it was 50$ to send to my APO here in Baghdad and the paint job was horrific. Whoever works there should be fired. This place is a scam....the doll had on white capri pants and sneakers and it did not resemble a football player. The hat was bright blue and very large for the dolls head. I emailed Mr Vicale and he gave me some lame excuse about why things werent done and they dont give refunds and that he could only refund me on the hat since that he agreed was messed up. Nothing about missing the stand, the shipping overcharge and the name not being on the jersey. he made me pay extra for all these things and the doll total came to 800.00 and nothing but saying he would return 80$ for the hat. I hope this dont keep happenning to other people, but when I made my order I saw a list of alot of other people's orders so I am sure there will be alot more complaints here soon and he will not receive anymore business once he has ran away with all of our money. I would send a letter to paypal letting them know what is going on with this company to see what they could do about it. I have emailed him back and he still hasnt returned my emails about everything else I mentioned. What a class act this guy and his lame company is. Beware!!

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