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November 22, 2008


adolf hilter III

me likey


so I guess you guys/gals suppress comments when it is not to your liking? Sounds like Obamabots practicing the "Unfairness Doctrine".. 1st Amendment down the tubes unless your a leftist screw head.

Victoria L.S. Hastings

What a ding-a-ling....maybe those cell phone pictures aren't of his wife!

Super Bowl

yeah! I can't find those pics anywhere...


And why not suing for the cost of replacing the phone?

use reason

First of all, McD's employees probably did't know the woman's name at the time, so you won't find pictures WITH HER NAME ATTACHED on the Internet.

Second, you can take pictures with a cellphone and own a digital camera, also. Lots of people use both.

Third,from now on,use reason.


its all a scam, how the hell would he have even found out that the pics got on the net it would of been like finding a needle in a hay stack,..


I'm suing McDonald's for not posting the photos where we all can see them!


Where is Joe C. coming from? Sounds like a write wing wack-o or possibly a convicted felon? They should give you an AM radio show. This sounds like a scam to me as well, but if they win... damn what a good scam. If this story unfolds I hope they have the sense to actually research where they were put on the net from. Honestly are the possibilities that if they were put on the net the husband wouldn't find out unless they are somehow involved. It should be thrown out of court immediately.

Peter Netherlands

Those yankees are crazy

Al Gregory

Mcdonald's should offer to put her pic on their coffee cups, or sandwich wrappers, and pay her royalties.

Not on the kids meal stuff though...


so, he found the pics on the net right away but we can't find'em, that smell fishy.


I bet this whole thing is really a scam. They left the phone at McDonalds on purpose, called them to secure the phone, and put the photos on the internet himself to make $3 million off of the franchise.


The Latest is that they posted the pictures themselves in order to collect money from McDonalds.

bob bitchin

i wish i thought of this scam mcdonalds is stupid if they pay the money.

bob bitchin

am i a leftist screw head? or just smart enough to know a scam when i see one :)


That idiot is not going to get a judge to award this judgement for his stoner moment! If he did not want to be embarrassed, he should have never put his name in the public's eye with a lawsuit!

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