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June 16, 2009



Obviously the principal of that school is an emotionless being. I think all of this was blown out of proportion.

Is it a wonder why more and more parents are homeschooling their children in this day and age. I see nothing wrong with homeschooling.

renee busch

This is so wrong!! I really do hope something gets done about this and that suzanne lukas gets replaced!! Just awful. I am so disgusted.


Not so fast. Don't be so dumb as to think the liberal media or the mother is giving you the whole story. I was there for my daughter's graduation. It was held at the Cumberland County Civic Center. They only had the arena for a certain time period. Therefore, a code of conduct was required, to insure the ceremony was not disrupted. Every student was REQUIRED to agree. Two students were dishonest, and disrupted the ceremony anyway. This student did more than his mother reported to the hack journalists who never bothered to investigate. For example, he also made his own homemade ACADEMIC CORDS, presented to honor students, in an attempt to indicated that he was an honor student, which he was not. The teachers warned him in advance NOT to wear or display them, but he hid them under his gown, then pulled them out and flailed them around, anyway. The student violated his agreement of conduct, and also ignored warnings not to display or wear phony academic cords. Now, for those who still think this sort of behavior is acceptable, note that if each of the 287 students had stolen 30 seconds to screw off during the ceremoney, the two hour ceremony would have been 4.5 hours. The school did not have the arena for that long, and the parents cannot be expected to endure that just so idiots can clown around. The ceremony is supposed to be protocol. the celebration is supposed to come afterward. Imagine some clown disrupting your wedding ceremony just because he is selfish and cannot wait for the reception.

kira jakes

A video of exactly what transpired is readily available on the net. It is clear he did not delay the ceremony. As for the academic honor ties--- why aren't they presented the students at the same time the diploma is awarded? Or, why don't they just go first? Or, why didn't it simply get removed when the diploma was awarded? By the way... graduation happens every year--- around the same date--- why can't the civic center (which is a public building) automatically be booked ahead of time?

As for having the ceremony get "to long" -- it is not a movie -- it is a place to honor achievement and moving into adulthood--- if one doesn't want to take the time for that -- that's their choice.

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