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April 28, 2008



I am best friends w/ the bride, and I can tell you that Dave DOES NOT beat Christa!! If Christa wasn't in her wedding gown, then the media WOULD NOT be covering this!! Christa and Dave were the victims in this "brawl", not the so called rescuers.


Just one more example of how "classy" our American girls are anymore.


If Christa and Dave were innocent "victims", and weren't fighting each other the previous night, then why did they leave jail separately?


In repsonse to an earlier posted comment: Dave does not beat Christa?

Well, I guess that there is a first time for everything.

How very sad.

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I believed to know from Visitthebest known things is a drop, unknown things is like a sea.


I just want to know if it was Christa with the sweet left hook that gave Dave that huge shiner!

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