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September 02, 2008


K Smith

I have printed and reviewed a number of photos of Lucie Arnaz during the same age range as Madeline "Linda" Jane Dee, who would be her sister if the allegations are true, and the similairities are striking! They could be twins. The photos of her at approx. age 3 are also unbelievably similair. The square jaw, curved eyebrow, wide smile, forehead shape and eyes are so similair it would be hard to believe they were not sisters. I hope to find out by DNA evidence what the truth really is. All parties involved SHOULD desire the truth and make it known.

Cassandria Carlson


Thank you for your support-it is most certainly welcomed. Your comment relating to my mother's eyes was one of the nicest things I have read all day. Thank you again!

Best Wishes,

Cassandria & Family


After reading this entire story I did find it striking that in the episode of I Love Lucy when lucy keeps changing her mind for the new baby's anme, 1 of the names she tosses around for a girls name is Madeline.
Now on the opposite end of the spectrum, Lucy would have been noticbly pregnant when filming movies late 1946 & early 1947. If you look at her bio, she didn't miss much time. THis is quite the conundrum.
Caldwell, NJ


Recognized children of celebrities are the first to always say that "there's no way we could be related." In fact, if they look at the pictures and see the strong resemblance they would know that this woman is related to them. This picture looks exactly like Lucie & Desi, Jr., as children. How far fetched is that?
It may be hard to swallow a parent's secrets but this is a believable one.
This isn't about the Arnaz/Ball estate, they're surviving off of trinkets and memorabilia anyway, but the truth.
Caroline Kennedy has done the same thing by refusing to a DNA for the man who was told by his own mother that his father was JFK and bears a striking resemblance too.
James Brown's children are acknowledging his forth coming offspring who pass a DNA. That's all you can do for the truth.


The reason Lucy Ricardo mentions the name Madelyn in that episode is in honor of I Love Lucy writer Madelyn Pugh. Notice she also mentions the name Robert, after writer Bob Carroll, Jr. Get a grip people, and do your homework. As for Lucy being pregnant in 1947, it's absurd. She was photographed in a bathing suit in late May, appeared in Phoenix with her husband in late April, and was photographed and interviewed in Princeton in early June when she arrived to start rehearsals for Dream Girl. Not one person even whispered a hint about a pregnancy, and none of the photos would back up anything less than a thin woman who was certainly not pregnant. There is no mystery here, only a poor, misguided woman who has been fed a plate load of nonsense, and is hoping for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It's not there, honey, you are barking up the wrong tree.


Could this just had been Desi Sr.'s daughter everything I have ever read about him said he was a womanizer????

Carol Borne


Do not give up. I am sure there is alot more to this storey that you have been able to share with us. Lucy and Desi jr, should stop, and clear the matter up once and for all!
I we keep you and your mom in my prayers!

J Paradis

Dear Readers,
I wanted to state my findings on this topic since I was close to the sources invloved and worked on the case extensively. I spent countless amounts of hours in conversation, researching and placing facts against fiction.

What were my findings? I found that although Mrs. Carlson is indeed searching for the truth about her mother and the events that surrounded her birth, there are little or no factual basis connected to her claims.

I read countless amounts of books, periodicals and spent hours upon hours scouring historical records online in addition to conducting interviews with individuals who are close to the sources and I could not link my findings with real life truth. I was very disappointed in the end since I feel for those who are disjointed form their lineage and I wanted to help this woman and her family. My advice would be that Mrs. Carlson and family come to terms with the reality that her mom was not the daughter of the legendary Lucille Ball and that there is a real family out there connected to her mother biologically that might be looking for her as well.

I am glad this is over and happy to move on. I hope I helped in solving some people's curiosity on this story.

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