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November 26, 2008


Shawn Kraus, MS

I wonder if she's HOT....hmmm..



Bobby T

I've seen her pic- she's pretty good looking!


Feldman pic at http://www.hawkeyelounge.com/showthread.php?t=35964

ross van susstran

lucky guy i"d do her


There is nothing like a good Saber vs Beaver game!


DAAMN shes hot! What a lucky guy the 26 year old was. That's the best sex.


If that was my wife, she would be out the door and served papers. Buh bye.
She humilated the guy and their family, he has no choice but to divorce her. She is a slut. Sge was just caught this time. I am sure she has done this before.


The US has become morally bankrupt. This wouldn't have happened 20 years, much less 50 years ago.

The US will be destroyed for its moral bankruptcy.


found a picture of Ross Walsh and girlfriend, click on link:




Hey, cool guys. Note the part where she mentions possibly being drugged. That would mean rape. How cool is it now?


Alcohol is a wonderful thing, aint it?


I find it a little funny that Lois is out and about claiming that she is a good mom who goes to church every Sunday. Well what the heck is she doing sloppy drunk at the football game? This is the typical inconsistency of carnal christians. She should actual read what the scriptures teach about the pitfalls of drunkeness.


Hey Post-Thanksgiving,
I don't think anyone is really buying the whole being drugged story. Think about it.

She said she was at a party beforehand where every time her glass of wine was low it was refilled so she knew she drank way more than she normally did. She admitted to this.

She then went to the game. There's a period where she doesn't remember anything and her actions don't make sense to her. Sound familiar? To most people that's known simply as a "blackout." Getting blacked out drunk is something that many kids experience at some point in high school or college.

Who would drug her? Where? How? Do you really think that Walsh decided he'd drug some kinda-hot older lady instead of having concentual sex with his girlfriend or ... perhaps drugging a far hotter girl who was definitely at the game? It doesn't make sense.

She said her life was ruined. She lost her job. Her husband has got to be embarrassed and she's probably worried about her kids finding out about this through playground taunting. She is simply trying to save face and perhaps figure out what happened.

I'm interested to hear Walsh's side. I'm guessing the true story is dumbfounding in simplicity and stupidity but that is the nature of a black out.


And what if the alcohol just loosened her enough to do what she really wanted to do? And the fact she got caught, now she's looking for a way out. You know what they say, "A drunk woman's words are a sober woman's thoughts"


Ms. Feldman is the reason why paternity testing should be mandatory.


The US Air Force conducted a study of rape allegations within the USAF a few years back and found that over 50% of all rape/sexual assault charges were false.

Mr. Feldman is little more than your typical "receptacle" and should be treated accordingly.


[[[Posted by: Kevin | November 27, 2008 at 10:00 AM

The US has become morally bankrupt. This wouldn't have happened 20 years, much less 50 years ago.]]]

Baloney. It happened in Oregon at an outdoor rock concert I attended over 25 years ago now. Both the woman and man were stinking drunk and didn't know each other, and it was outside.

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