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November 26, 2008



I agree. I seriously had to turn this off after about 16 minutes. It was excruciating. Boring. Disappointing. Uninspired.


Awful. God awful.


This was the biggest piece of trash I have even seen. I've seen better produced cable access shows.

L Guid

My God ...through most of it my jaw was hanging open in disbelief of what I was watching.....what Rosie couldn't do was put herself aside and have the variety be the spotlight.
The tapping twins had the worst lighting for TV was there a director?
Let Liza sing and STAND ASIDE Rosie PL...ease!!!!
The "door thing" got old in 10 seconds.
The whole show was like a high school first read rehersal. I just can't believe NBC let this go on air and the monologue was self serving.
Rosie is too into Rosie to let anyone else have a moment.
Just Terrible !!!
It was an opportunity to bring back the variety show which is sadly missed and more missed after this train wreck.

Susan N

I was looking forward to Rosie Live, but was quite disappointed. It was like Rosie was having a get together with all her friends and taping it for others to see. She should have just been the host ala Ed Sullivan. She was involved with too many "acts". We all know she and Clay Aiken are gay, we don't have to be reminded of that. His being on the show served no purpose, unless he was to sing. Taking pot shots at enemies was also a turnoff. She should have had kids ballroom dancing or more acts like the twins who were tap dancing. She should have more "no-names" with talent and less friends. I'll try one more week to give her another chance. Also free giveaways don't belong in a variety show. Sadly, I expected more and got less.


The only reason for this show? Rosie's brother who is a VP at NBC. Absolutely unwatchable.


Absolutely, the worst, most boring, worst directed TV show I have ever watched. After 15 minutes of it I had to turn the channel. I could not believe that NBC management allowed this show to be aired.


Oh I am a HUGE Rosie fan and this clearly is NOT her path of entertainment. It was awful, and I too have been searching for reviews this morning. Seems like we are all on the same page, most seem to like Rosie, but this show was painful to watch. Can't wait to see what she cooks up next that truly is the Rosie we love to see. Those poor Guest Stars were awful and awkward. This was no time nor place for giveaways and confetti. There wasn't ONE REAL sketch reminiscent of Carol Burnett (think Scarlett O'hara Curtains scene). Sonny and Cher were FUNNY together...Well, I guess this is a reminder that we have to live in the present and it's impossible to recapture the feelings of That 70s Era.


Disgusting. To compare this show with Carol et al is akin to comparing a Astin Martin to a Yugo. Alec... go get some clothes that FIT!

Stu Miller

I give it three episodes, max! Where's Trump when we need him? After seeing this, he may decide to move The Apprentice to ABC!


I actually liked it. It was schmalzy but very enjoyable.
I was curious why Liza appeared so nervous, having seen her many times in person this was startling to witness. She was twice on The Judy Garland Show variety show.

Milburn and I hope to see more of this show.


luv her no matter what. wish i was there.


I love Ro but I agree that it was pretty akward and not funny. Rosie seemed nervous and off her mark as did everyone else. I love Jane Krakowski's bit though, that was teh funniest part. I am hopeful that she will relax and it will get better. We need more spontaneous Rosie and bigger guest stars!

wake up

Please how manipulated are you? you censor yourselves? How lame is comenting on the quality of a show thinking about it's commercial target? Are you all so corporate minded that you back lame brinwashing fascist programs that are so dead so mainstream that dare to do nothing new but recreate formulas once and again? Please do yourselves a favor and start thinking out of the box. The only reason of this attack is that Rosie has deared to speak against teh system and you all are afraid of it. She now is an open lesbian an progressive thinker and you want more programming from the system. how lame are some of the opinions (if you can call so the no thinkin replicas of what the religuois extremist media tells you to say) i've read here. the good news? Rosie doesn't need you. She does what she does to push the envelope not to be popular or made more money serving the corrupt neoliberal capitalist system. There, have a noce day pawns.


Dear God!

If you made people watch this, you could get them to confess to a murder to be released from watching.. This was the worst TV show I hav ever. My kids plays at school ( which stink usually ), contain Oscar performances compared to this. The way Rosie acted you would have thought she thought this was the best TV ever. I am not a Rosie hater, but this was so bad, it makes Flip Wilson look like genius back in the day, I could not watch it, i tried, i left, I came back, truly, my jaw dropped ever time I returned because it got worse and worse as it went along. NBC must have been drunk when they saw the run through on one and still went ahead with it.


It's not over till the fat lady sings - the fat lady has sung.




AGAIN F*CK YOU REPUBLICANS.YOU LOST GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mad Hat Wally

All posts that pan the first Rosie Live were sent in by Bush loving right wingers??? I do believe marie and jill are two certified foul mouthed nut jobs who should get on with their dreary lives.

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