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November 27, 2008


Jim Bell

I agree that she should apologize to family and friends, stop talking to the media, get help for her drinking problem, and talk to a lawyer about how she lost her job.

To those things I will add that if she's not a church member, she should find a church and start attending. Once there, she should make a full confession of all her sins and ask forgiveness, from the congregation and from God.

She will find that most people are willing to forgive others for the stupid things they do. We've all done things we wish we hadn't. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

If she convinces those around her that she's truly remorseful and sorry for what she did, she'll be forgiven and accepted.

Sadly, she will have to live with the fact that this story, complete with her name and her picture are out there on the Internet FOREVER. What's done is done. What happens now is up to her.

Sturgis Drain

She might actually consider filing charges against the guy. The woman was pretty drunk. Is it possible she stumbled into the mens' room or was invited in and then sexually assaulted?


From the arresting officer's report, "I observed A2/Feldman had A1/Walsh pressed up against the side partition and they were locked in open mouth kiss".

Umm, I think filing charges against the guy will only get her in more trouble (for filing a false report).

If the guy slipped her a date rape drug in her (many) drinks, that's one thing. But apparently he met her already ready to party. By the officer's eyewitness account, she was an enthusiastic participant and they were both drunk.

I doubt she was drugged because she had the presence of mind to be ashamed of her actions. Not only did she give a a false name to the arresting officer (itself a crime) but she fled the scene when her husband tried to take her home.


Oh one piece of advice-- change her name. If Friedman is her married name, go back to her maiden name (or vice versa).

When she applies for another job in the future (presumably out of state) and her prospective employer googles her, she might skate if he's looking up her new name.

Jim Bell

It's worth pointing out that Lois Feldman's husband and his feelings are also part of this story. From what little I've read about him, he has already forgiven her for her day of infamy.

I hope that's true, because he will have to be a living saint to be willing to stand by her through the scandal and and public ridicule that most assuredly lies ahead for them. They haven't seen anything yet.

My best advice is that they have to close their door to the outside world until this blows over. Stay home. Do NOT go out in public because anybody can take her picture with a cell phone and sell it to a tabloid. Don't even go to the store. Have a friend run errands for them.

Talk to no one outside their immediate family, friends and church members. And spend as much time with your pastor and church members as you can, if she really wants to be regarded as a decent person.

Live quietly and privately from now on, refuse all requests for media interviews, and I promise the public will forget all about them in a few months.


I'm glad her life is ruined. I can only hope it gets worse for her for contributing to the destruction of the sanctity of marriage.

The only people I feel sorry for are her family...especially her 3 kids. With her being 38 there is a very good chance she has a teenager or several teenagers and this must be horrible for them.

Shame on her.

Also I hope this dickhead Walsh gets burned alive.

The only logical scenario i.m.o is that these 2 couples were seated next to each other and got liquored up and bullshitted throughout the game(then we know what followed). With that said then Walsh would have known that this Woman is married plus the fact he has a girlfriend.

So once again contributing to the destruction of the sanctity of marriage.

I'm disgusted.


HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD THE PHRASE "DIMINISHED CAPACITY"!!?? If the woman was that drunk, why are we not hearing RAPE CHARGES from this incident!? Was the man a predator or a chance "lover"???


Woman in Metrodome sex incident says she was victim
Friday, November 28, 2008
MINNEAPOLIS - While police say a high-profile indecent conduct case in the Minneapolis Metrodome Saturday is closed, a Carroll woman involved in it told the Daily Times Herald she believes she was a victim of foul play rather than a willing collaborator.

Oh boy, so she IS going there. This is going to get worse for Lois before it gets better.


Poor Lois! She is such a victim. I guess she has learned well - if you can't fool the cops, then claim victimhood! What a joke. She was a willing participant.


Look, she got drunk and had public sex with a guy 12 years younger than she is because the guy was hotter than her husband. So she's making up stories.

Here is what is going to happen to her.

She's going to get divorced. Her husband is likely going to run DNA tests and given her behavior, probably at least one of her kids is not his. Result, will be husband will do his best to evade child support and hide income. Her kids will be angry, resentful, and have no success in forming relationships.

But ... she can pose for Playboy or something, get her 15 minutes, and hook up with whatever hot guy is around.

She was drunk. That doesn't create desire, just disable judgment and control. She had sex with the guy, with her kids and husband close by. She tried to hide it. Her marriage IS over, this is reality.

ron sundermann

My mother is a resident of the care facility Lois Feldman managed. I've talked with Lois many times. She is courteous, caring, professional, and very well liked by all the residents. We all make mistakes, and sometimes the mistakes are huge. Good people can do dumb things. I hope Lois can keep her head up and move on.


Ron... yeah, I'm sure she is extra well liked by all the male residents at the care facility.


I hope she sues and wins big against the place that fired her.
All the moral goody goody is fine, but if she didn't do it on the clock, then it is not their business. This goes for ALL but a few major crime convictions.
Hey government! Instead of trying to screw us in to national health care, why don't you make some good laws preventing companies from firing people for reasons OTHER than not doing their jobs properly.

She screwd up, or got caught. Look at it how you want, but the employer should not be able to fire you for this. The place wasn't even smart enough to wait a few weeks and make it look like they were firing her for something work related.

She did wrong. But this type of thing is between the spouse and the person's conscience or religious beliefs...NOT the employer.


I wonder what road games they will attend next year? She can take one for the team for sure. I wonder if she has been to the "Big House Yet"


It is unreal.....We can have The President of the United States getting his knob waxed endlessly by an intern and he keeps his job yet a 38 year old good looking mother has consensual sex as an adult and her job is taken from her? Give me a break. It wasn't the brightest thing to do by having sex in that bathroom, obviously. Chances are she hasn't had passionate sex for over a decade and the alcohol just helped push those feelings to surface. I'm not saying it is right, but it certainly is natural. The sanctity of marriage.... Let's face it....over half of the marriages in the US end in divorce and of the other 50% left, 40% of those people don't want to be married to each other either. Most people weren't meant to be with 1 person until they die. I am sure if Lois' husband had a chance to bang a 26 year old hottie like that he would jump at the chance...maybe he already has which is why is is being such a wimp about this whole deal. And half of those people in church....hell, they are sleeping with the person in the seat right behind them while they claim to be a rightous Christian.


If I were Mr. Feldman I would obtain paternity tests for all three (3) children- this isn't the first time she cheated on him and it probably won't be the last time. Statistically speaking, modern feminism and a paternal society & legal system have allowed women to return to their natural amoral, promiscuous nature. Results? over 60% of all married women cheat on their husbands resulting in 10% of all married women deceiving their husbands about the paternity of one or more of "their" children. Read "Sperm Wars" by R. Baker

Is its a wonder why 80% of all women recently polled are against mandatory paternity testing? Because of pregnancies resulting from chance encounters w/ attractive men- like Ms. Feldman and her 26 year old paramour.


Modern femanism and the legal system have allowed women to return to their natural amoral, promiscuous nature???? Let's face it, like I said, marriage is a sweet concept but it just doesn't jive with nature and sex. People throw the religion card around and hide behind that yet they are as "bad" as anyone else. There is a pretty high probablity that one partner in every marriage has cheated and those that haven't sure as heck want to...not to be a bad spouse, but just because that is the way it is!! That won't change until the end of time. There is a reason Mr. Feldman isn't very angry.... How many guys are gonna understand their wives getting it from behind in the bathroom stall with a stanger while he is watching the game. The police report said she was in an open mouth kiss as well.... Lois was enjoying herself.


What is it with all these people having sex inthe bathrooms in Minnesota, first that creep Larry Craig and now these drunk wacko football fans from Iowa. This woman is 38 years old with kids and should know better than getting so drunk in public....or getting so drunk at home for that matter. This is a wake up call for her which unfortunately will haunt her for the rest of her life. Her obituary will say "woman caught having sex in bathroom stall".


no excuse for what happened, however, their marriage has been over for years,they should of got divorced a long time ago, they both are miserable being married to each other but have stayed for the kids.
she got this drunk because she is miserable in her marriage, she wanted out!!!!
this is not her, its a freak thing that has happened to her. her husband looks like the hero and he has been far from a saint. hope they just end it, raise their kids and act like adults.


no excuse for what happened, however, their marriage has been over for years,they should of got divorced a long time ago, they both are miserable being married to each other but have stayed for the kids.
she got this drunk because she is miserable in her marriage, she wanted out!!!!
this is not her, its a freak thing that has happened to her. her husband looks like the hero and he has been far from a saint. hope they just end it, raise their kids and act like adults.


This woman is due money. Get an attorney and go after the guy who had the fun and the people that watched. Especiall if she was intoxicated. If I can help, email me.


Why does she deserve money? Oh thats right because she is a whore and they need to get paid. Her husband is embarrassed and thats why hes pretending to have forgiven her. Her job fired her because they have a moral obligation, after all they are a care facility and Im pretty sure some people will be offended by what she did. Cheating on your spouse is not nature. People have the ability to think, Monogamy has given us the best environment to raise and prolong our species. Biological fitness is the driving force for our survival


Your legal advice is wrong. In California, you can be fired at any time for any reason or no reason, unless you have a contract (such as a union contract) that provides different terms.

If you have a disability (narrowly defined) and have come to an agreement on a reasonable accommodation (another narrow set of facts), then you cannot be fired in violation of the accommodations agreement, but you can still be fired for any other reason.

On the face of the story, committing a crime, even off duty, would violate any disability accommodation agreement. Employer could fire you and not give a reason. In court, if you are you were fired for your behavior off duty or you were fired as a result of your medical condition, employer could easily defend that they fired you for a neutral reason, like your character.

Please do not purport to give legal advice on your blog.

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