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December 04, 2008


Dave and Thomas

There's no Johnnie Cochran this time out. The Juice is finally going away!

Ed:For those of you that haven't checked out Dave and Thomas' site- Do so- If you enjoy my posts- you definitely will enjoy theirs- and bookmark both of us.

el wood

Judge Glass, doesn't tell you that she is Jewish and the person's that OJ is accused of killing are both Jews. The Brown family & Goldman family are Jews. Judge Glass is known for her severe sentences.

Had a white person with no criminal record committed the same offense in a Las Vegas hotel where they didn't have a gun in their possession; I doubt seriously if they would be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

OJ is a victim of his own success and albeit some of his own arrogance and cockiness.To be sure however what he did to try to retrieve items that were in fact "stolen" from him by miscarriage of justice. THen to be set up by one of his own business associates who tape recorded the "sting" attempt. Shows more culpability for setting OJ up then for any semblance of justice.
Judge Glass will be forever known for giving OJ a sentence he didn't deserve .
Where are the judges and sentences for the real robbers of the world? Like the ones who stole all the money in 2008 from our IRA's, Pension funds and investment accounts., I have yet to see even one (1) Wall Street CEO locked up and they were all JEWS too.

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