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January 02, 2009


Gabriel Snyder

The wife is the real culprit in this situation. Her company is named Accurate Accounting. Let's boycott this business.

Email address for the corporation is info@pizzatime.com.


Like how wifey, the "real owner", is afraid to appear on TV.

Sean Kelly

Thanks for this, Richard.

I've granted Benjamin an official Franchisee From Hell! award.


Keep the great posts coming.

Cathy K.

I love it. Love it, love it, love it! Masochists that actually get to make free pleas for pain and suffering via mass media. And they are going to receive plenty. I’ve already emailed the Lacey Chamber of Commerce and the Pizza Time corporate office. I hope crickets can survive such cold temps, because quite soon crickets will be the only thing to be heard at that Pizza Time, soon to be renamed Closing Time. Then the Benjamins can be as financially bankrupt as they are morally bankrupt.

Also, if any of those employees are minors, that may constitute prosecutable child abuse.

If we could engineer cars to run on stupidity, there would be an infinite supply. Morons such as these owners prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Wait until the first employee files a workman’s comp. claim for frostbite, hypothermia, or pneumonia.

It’s fun to watch morons self-destruct.

Sean Kelly

This is like one of those movies with no heroes... or even likeable characters

The owners obviously mishandled this. However, there's no evidence they kept it colder than 55 except Dan Butler's say-so. And despite what Butler says, pizza ovens throw off heat... even with exhaust.

Butler was already suspended, an employee with a DUI at a business based on delivery (and a fatality a few years earlier caused by a drunk Pizza Time delivery driver), and probably on his way out? Think he might have exaggerated just a bit?

Butler was on FranchisePick.com trying to solicit donations, and may have been pushing for a $10K+ settlement from the owners to make the controversy go away. My suspicions are posted here:


Even Pizza Hut is sounding good right now.

Franchise Pick

I have done some pro bono advertising work to help Lacey Pizza Time get back on their feet. The campaign's called: Open the Door... It's Pizza Time! What do you think? See it here:



Yup. We boycotted them and haven't been back to date.

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