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February 07, 2009


michelle linares

While placing my groceries on the conveyor belt a female shopper behind me placed the plastic divider while I was still unloading my groceries and proceded to place her groceries. When I said that I have never seen any one place their groceries on the conveyer before finishing emptying my cart, she said I've never seen anyone so slow.
I wasn't slow, had no kids with me, wasn't looking for anyone, was not talking to anyone, just unloading my cart. I found her rude and it affected me all day. I try to be considerate with people everytime I'm out.

philippine groceries

I understand you I also experience that kind of situation and it's really makes my blood pressure rising. So unforgettable and I don't want to remember it anymore. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading it.



not that i was counting, but she had 31 items in the 15 items or less line...and then had the nerve to run for something she forgot...and then paid with a check.

i bit my tongue just in case i have undiagnosed dyslexia and it was a 51 item or less aisle

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