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February 28, 2009



But a spokeswoman for PayPal, Sara Gorman, said Friday that Zamora may have been confused by a merchant identification number that appeared along with details about the transaction in the e-mail. “I can assure you that we did not charge him $81 billion,” Gorman said.

Of course he asked if he paid for gas. They only charged him $26. The idiot was reading the merchant ID.


Yes he was looking at the merchant I.D.

And of course the "fish" is growing, saying now that Paypal charged him $90.00 in NSF fees. How could a news paper print such an article without any hard proof, like a copy of the receipt.

Also doesn't the Paypal debit card have a daily limit of $500.00.

David Richardson

Hmmm, here is an interesting update. Looks like Paypal may have been the ones to drop the ball after all.



Paypal totally screwed me over recently; when I used their card to pay for gas, they charged me $99 and then I kept getting NSF charges to my bank account. I talked to a CSR today who told me that it would be taken care of and that I would get my $100 in bank charges back from PayPal due to their error. Here's hoping it actually happens.


You can't blame Pay Pal for doing it to him, first of all its their credit card.Next time he carefully monitor his transaction.

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