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February 26, 2009



What a scumbag. He should know that sometimes you just have to go on a case by case basis. That's why our cops are human and not pre-programmed robots...


This kind of gestapo tactics is what give most good police officers a bad name. I hope this cop's mother, wife or daughter are never having a hard time crossing a road or needing assistance. This is why people drive on by when they see somebody who needs a hand. My daughter had a blow out the other night on an extremely busy road. A fireman and another man stopped to help her. The fireman gave her a reflecting vest to wear if it ever happened again. Trooper Sullivan would have likely given her a ticket for parking next to the curb or something. He is one sorry cop who needs to rethink his career path. And they wonder why some people call them pigs?

Bo John Jackson the eight

That guy must never go to church, read the bible or do service to others. If someone saved him and jaywalked would he give them a ticket? Of course not, people like that only care about themselves.

Paul Petersen

I understand that the law must be upheld but there must also be an analysis of the intent and situation. Trooper Ryan Sullivan completely disregarded all logic and reason regarding this situation. He should apologize, cancel the ticket and be sent to remedial school to teach him the basics of how to be a human being.


Get your facts straight: 9News in Denver put a spin on this story. Jim is no hero; he did not push those women out of the way. Yes, he was trying to help them across the street, but that's because he parked the bus so far away from the curb, he felt bad! He deserves the ticket and the driver that hit him deserves his ticket, too. Read the law.


Kim wrote: "but that's because he parked the bus so far away from the curb".

So when the article stated they "were trying to walk across Federal", you mean to say the bus driver parked an entire lane over or on the opposite side of the street and the truck passed between the bus and the curb?

I think YOU need to get your facts straight.

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