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April 08, 2009



Wow, I saw today's episode (I didn't even really plan to watch it, just happened upon it while channel surfing.) The fight itself was like no other fight on the show ever, and I have seen just about every episode. Both Sr. and Jr. were talking as though plans are to make this firing a perminant one. Jr. was even talking about starting a small business of his own and stating that he would never work for anyone again...and I can understand at his age with his success why he would feel that way. I just hope that the father and son at least reconcile for the sake of their family.

Jeff Frayer

I was at OCC two weeks ago and JR was at work; that tells me that they kiss and make up, just have to watch the show to see how I guess.
I took some pictures while I was there, unless they have a JR look a like, all is well again at OCC.

raymond holcomb

If this is for real Paul Sr. needs to reconsider. No one at O.C.C. is as good at fabrication, regardless of what Sr. says, than Paulie.


If you saw Paulie at OCC within the recent past, then yeah, they have likely patched things up. They film these things several months out...saw some snow in last night's footage, meaning this likely happened back in Dec-Jan-Feb, maybe, hard to say with them in NY.

I wish Sr and Jr the best, but if they split up, American Chopper will not be the same and I cannot say that I will continue to watch it. I already hate that they've gone from 2-episodes/1-build to 1-episode/double-builds. I appreciate the planning & fab aspects of the show the most and we don't get nearly as much of that as we used to...oh well. Best of luck to them, they had a good run for a while.

Big Bike Fan

Since they were in the midst of building an NHL bike for the opening of the NHL season, my bet is it happened in September. The upcoming trailers show Mikey on a couch between the two of them seemingly talking to a counseler. Since I had to close my business which was motorcycle related, I understand the pressure Paul Sr. must be under. He has bitten off a lot betting on the future and the future is not bright for bikes.

O.N. Petree

Paul Jr. is 100% of the artistic talent at OCC. If Paul Jr. is gone for good than so is OCC. They might keep making motorcycles, but Paul Jr. was and is the design genius that created and continues to create the "Theme" bikes... The doofus they have as a "designer" doesn't have a clue.. and Paul Sr. wouldn't know art if it hit him in the ass. On the other hand Paul Sr. is seems like a good business man. Although, Sr is unreasonable regarding the bikes... He is often wrong about this and that regards the bike, but forces his "will" in the face of a "better way". Paul Jr IS OCC... Paul Sr wants to be.


If he really did get fired he should ask vinnie for a job, lol. Would that suck? paul jr. working for vinnie?

Ed B

Before there was a plethora of names for mental disorders there was one name to describe a guy like Paul Senior - Bully. Sure Paulie’s late sometimes, and wouldn’t you be if you had a boss like Senior? Paul Senior is too old of a dog to change absent some sort of miracle. Paulie needs to get out of there ASAP. Love to see a show with him and Vinnie building bikes. Any halfway decent businessman can run a shop. Paulie is the talent.


I could hardly sleep the night I saw the fight/firing. I love the show and it is dismal without Pauly. It's depressing. Sr said his health is failing because of this and it is obvious to look at him. He has no spark and is going through the motions. I was glad to read a previous post that said Pauly was back at work.


As far as I'm concerned Paulie IS the show and one of the top bike designers in the country. If Paul Sr's firing is permanent then its career suicide and the show will fail.


can you say "jump the shark fonzie"?


I used to watch the show consistently when it first started, Now I just watch occasionally. The bottom line is Paul jr. is the reason the business was a success to begin with. When the show first aired he designed a jet themed bike that started the whole thing off. His designs have kept OCC going throughout the years. I dont know if his behavior with showing up late and what not is acceptable, but, when you do as much for a business as he has done for OCC you should be able to do essentially what you want. Paul sr always says everybody else has to be here on time, why dont you? Well, if it werent for Paul jr everybody else wouldnt have a job.

Jim S.

It seems Paulie is a diva...as a father of teenaged boys, I want them to learn a work ethic so they can respect themselves, and be decent, dependable workers. I understand Paul Sr's grief, even if he doesn't express it well. All Paulie has to do to make dad happy is stop pretending to be responsible for Sr's success, come in when everyone else does, and work a full day for his money. No doubt he'll be back - Sr. still is the only responsible one in the family.


I'm also very happy to hear that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. are back working together although I could have seen Jr. starting his own bussiness and being just as successful if not more. Jr. is the face of the company.

charles bradley

But Paulie is not a teenager.
and he's made daddy rich beyond his wildest dreams.
he ISN't like all the other workers, for goodness sakes.


I hear that they had to give Jr a LARGE sum of money to come back to the show, most likely this will be the lat season of the show. Don't be surprised if Vinnie and Cody get their own show next season with cameos by Jr. OCC made millions now its time to end it.

Chris Craddock

Sr firing Jr is about the dumbest thing he has ever done. He carries on like Jr is only a part of the crew, but every time Sr turns his hand to a bike it comes off as some goofy old schooler. Jr may be a prima-donna, but the guy has the talent to turn out an endless stream of the magic bikes that people tune in to see. Without Paulie they don't have a show and chances are they won't have a business either. What a bone head.


*Another* fight and kiss-up, man these guys gotta come up with new materials.


Sr. firing Paulie-is plain stupid-I have not watched for a long time-so this was a real surprise- Sr. is losing the dedicated people around him- one at a time- just listen to his crazy bully rant-no matter what they say Sr. is a mean spirited bully -even Mikey is haveing problems stomaching Sr. Paulie- you would do yoursel well to be on you own- I can see the business having big money problems soon.
as someone else said it is not the show that was- I can not my own trips thankyou
good luck Paulie-

Andrew Jones

Sorry guys this is all fake, ratings have been on the slide ever since they let Vinny go. This is all a publicity stunt for ratings, these are not the same heartfelt people who started the show 7 years ago.

They're just another heartless America company now, they lost their soul when Paul sr said Vinny was replaceable.

fred scharfee

there is no show without jr. sr.has no one to feed on, the show doesn't work without jr.they will settle their differences because they both need the money!


These guys obviously have gotten to big for themselves. Sr.'s home and cars are ridiculous and then there is Paulie with his home with the Lions in the front. Give me a break. Yeh I feel real sorry for these guys. They got their fame n fortune but now they have to maintain it. Obviously people arent buying bikes in this economy and wont be for some time to come. Ego n Economy will be bring them down! Gee maybe they shouldnt have built the OCC World Headquaters. They are layin people off. Trust me, their taking a big hit. Thats why Sr. is so stressed. A boutique w you girl, good luck with that one Paul. In this economy people arent going to high fashion boutiques or buying cycles. Ego Maniacs!!!!


Big Paulie is an F-in Prick that needs his old ass kicked. I worked with an asshole like this before,You see all around him other idiots that feed his ego about how bad ass he is and BS.. little by little you see people working behind the scenes on making the family split apart... first the old crew Vinne and Cody...slow but surely you'll see Mikey take off and then Jr...Then what will be left is a guy who thought he didn't need anybody and he did it on his own while they get some other guy to replace the old asshole... That's a Prediction for their fate. Never Let Them Split that Magic apart But I guess Big Paulie has a price >> F-n sell out. Jr. should start his own life without his dysfunctional father who can get it right with his kids so why wait around for it? Move on and do your own things... Do them way better than Numb Nuts...


You guys are all morons, it's all publicity. Stop feeding the hype.

Carolyn Webster

I agree to almost everyone's e-mails regarding Sr. However, for years my family has never understood why Jr puts up with Sr's verbal assaults. We would be waiting for him in dark some night and take an ax handle to him. He needs to get a good ass kicking and maybe he would learn he is not the "big it!" Paulie and Mikey are what that show is about. Paulie could go to work for anyone in the world that builds bikes. He could make it on his own making bikes. He doesn't need Sr. No one on that show needs Sr. Sr needs to go to a old folks home, sit down and shut up.

Bring back Vinnie. Oh yes! We met Vinnie's dad at Sturgis in 2006, a really nice guy. Spent some time talking to him about the show, the Teutels and about him and Vinnie. Very enjoyable.

Paulie, if you have any respect for yourself at all, don't come back to the show. Tell you dad to go to hell, if you tell him anything anymore, then stay gone, start your own company, hire Vinnie and Mikey, and put your ole hateful, mean, vile poppa out of your life for good.

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