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June 14, 2009


Jill Pilon

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with these 3 kids? The similarities of their story and mine are amazing. When I was 9 yrs. old (Nadia's age now?), my brother was 15, my sister 16 (almost exactly the ages of the two boys) my mother was also involved in a head on collision caused by a drunk driver. She was in a coma for a month and in the hospital for a total of 9 months recovering. She is alive today but the accident has left her blind and paralyzed. because of her injuries and her age she is now in a wheelchair. I would love to write a letter to these kids and to their parents. I wish my sister and I, who sing together as adults now, had been singing at the time of her accident and had enough bravery and heart to have sung to my mother while she was in the hospital for so long. Help??? Anyone have advice on how to reach Voices of Glory?


Yes, I know how you can get in touch with themmy mother is their vocal trainer.


I know how you can, too. I'm Mike's best friend and very close with the family.


I hope you got in touch with my friend and her children. She and her husband and children are truly servants of God....He ministers the word of God and she has served children from many countries as a bi-lingual educator......and to become a school administrator/principal...her children are just precious and truly have voices of angels.....I had the rare opportunity to see them at a Christmas tree lighting in honor of my friends daughter who was in a tragic auto accident that took her to be and Angel of God and her dad was severly injured....the children sang at this memorial and not one dry face after the first song....it was truly moving....this is what they do and serve Gods people by their song!!!

Pat Brown

If ANYONE can get in touch with the kids, PLEASE tell them to try to sing You'll Never Walk Alone!!! It is a contemporary song, yet still devotional...it will give good ranges for all of them...especially Nadia and if they get an opportunity to return THAT should be their finale....I think it would be fantastic and bring the audience to its feet!!!!

kathy ristau

I would like to contact this family to possibly arrange a concert at our church. Please help....they are truely an inspiration

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