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December 16, 2009


Hart Noecker

The people who tried to rape and murder this woman need to spend the rest of their lives in jail.


She's never going to pick pocket AGAIN !

hXc br00tal

@ Hart Noecker

Where do you see the word "rape" in this post?


bitch shouldnt have been pick pocketing. she deserved it


nobody tried to rape her she got mob justice.
which is what happens in places where law enforcement is very bad.


The people who did that to her are far worse criminals than Alejandra. I can't believe people think that's a fair punishment for pick pocketing. Crazy world...


What A situation.She caught in the spot .



Simple solution, don't pick pockets. Tired of criminals getting a slap on the wrist, every think of what the crime means to the victim. Maybe she took the victims only money for food for his/her kids and no they go hungry for a week.

BTW they didn't commit a crime, they merely meted justice.


We need shit like this in the United States. We'd be crime free. Bitch deserved it and more. They should have cut her fucking hands off.



"We'd be crime free."

Yea, because it is clearly working on Guatamala. What we need is more humiliating punishments in courts AFTER the person has been given a fair trial. Peer pressure is the number one social motivator even with adults.


Man that's crazy. I don't know what's worse, this person pick-pocketing or the mob who lynches her...

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