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December 23, 2009


Michael A. Behr

Check your facts before you post. The above letter is a slightly updated urban legend.


Thanks Michael, appreciate your comment, I have updated the "story", and whether it is simply an "updated urban legend", whoever wrote it this time- wanted to get its point across- and as I noted in the opening of the post- it is the first time I have chosen to post an email of this type. There must have been an emotional reason on my part, that I don't even choose to analyze at this time.

Have a great holiday.

Dennis Knox

Michael got warm about the cold weather in Michigan and the lack of response from governmental authorities. However, in winter in the U.P., tempers are about the only thing that would warm the area.

In Ishpeming, a statue of "old Ish" the indian that the town is named after, is covered with snow about every 10 years. The statue of an Ojibwe brave is over 20 feet tall.

My wife lived in Marquette, my folks are from lower Michigan, and my friends in the U.P. have never asked for anything from the feds - even though they're covered up by an average of 200 inches (nearly 17 feet) of snow every winter - repeatedly. In areas affected by lake effect snow, that average bumps up to 300 inches - thats 25 FEET of snow every year.

Residents there hunker down, help each other, and live life without the jackasses in Congress having to get involved.

Thank God for Upper Michigan.


What a concept. Regular people doing what they need to without any help from Uncle Sam. This, of course is not newsworthy to our media...


I went to school in Marquette, Michigan (NMU-Northern Michigan University) from 1970-1974). My freshman year classes were canceled due to a blizzard of biblical proportions. Snowplows couldn't keep up with the snowfall. First floor windows of the dorms were completely covered by snow. Kids were jumping off the 3 story dorm roofs into the snow. You couldn't see the street signs because of snowdrifts. It is hard living up there and people manage to overcome and adapt.


You can shovel snow..you can't shovel Water. Any comparisons with Hurricane Katrina are absolutely bogus and insulting to those who died there.


So much for the Marquette Mining Journal as a source for Whirled News!


While you KNOW this is bullshit, thanks to the snopes posting, you still try and say this is worthwhile- so I'll quote the SNOPES piece for your readers. and I want you to know, you ARE A TOTAL SCUMBAG.

"The bulk of digging out from under the snowfall (that this rumor is based upon) and rescuing stranded motorists from snow entombed cars fell to North Dakota's police and EMS workers and the National Guard, not rugged individual citizens who hadn't been "immobilized" by a welfare program that trades votes for 'sittin at home' checks. The comparison made in this piece to New Orleans' attempt to cope with the massive destruction resulting from Hurricane Katrina is BADLY FLAWED, as the two weather related disasters here completely different in nature and severity -one could be coped with locally, the other could not."

You can shovel snow, but you can not shovel water.

You are an evil person for not expressing the idiocy contained within. And you deserve what you get.


Snopes is the last place I would "fact check" anything. I noticed that no one mentioned that they're simply a couple of so-called experts out of California who promote what they want.


What a bogus comparison. A population of already impoverished people have everything completely leveled by a hurricane and you're comparing that to a blizzard? Did the blizzard make you homeless and destory everything you had? Didn't think so. What a crock.

DT- Michigan Tech class of 1996

Yes, but these snowstorms happen every winter! Not always 44 inches in one storm, granted. But when you have snow from September to June (it happens) imagine the accumulation. You can't imagine it until you live in it. And yes, sometimes they do render a person homeless if their roof collapses. And who ever said the residents of the U.P. were not impoverished themselves? I guess it's all about perspective, huh?


I a ) live in New Orleans and B ) Lived in Detroit. Screw this stupid piece of scribble. New Orleans was DESTROYED, not covered in snow. Nearly 3 thousand people lost their lives. New Orleans was completely destroyed, along with Bat St. Louis, Gulf port, etc. Granted they lost some power up there, there is not even a remotely close comparison between Katrina and a blizzard.


No matter what side of the political fence you are on, this storm NEVER HAPPENED. I double-god-dare anyone to show me PROOF that it did. This began as an email back in 2005, meant to make the Bush administration look bad. The city mentioned has been changed a number of times. This is just useless crap that is manufactured by people who think their OPINION is more important than the FACTS. Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster of epic proportions, and shouldn’t be satirized by such drivel as this. Stop spreading this stuff around. Get your heads out of the sand and CHECK THE FACTS. Again I DARE anyone to provide me with PROOF that this storm happened!


look at IA, they didnt loot either!
Its the caliber of people that reside in the region. Most of you are correct, they are totally different storms- however the scenarios are not so different.
Crooks were looting, robbing, raping, and killing across town and within the red-cross “disaster centers”… there’s the freeloading population of the states impacted by Katrina VS People banding together and working to overcome a disaster… think what you want, but I know those who look for a govt handout posses the sickening, rude, un-american mindsets that allow this type of behavior and do not take accountability but blame the govt.


Who began comparing this to Hurricane Katrina? It is a much worse situation. Very much agreed, help was needed. But point made about living in the U.P. Who ever thinks that amount of snow is something to mess with try it first. Texas gets 1 ft and people die in car crashes. Learn to drive in the snow! People do it!

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