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April 23, 2010



you know what, the message wasn't for you because you don't believe in God, but as you seem to want to take the challenge with god, don't worry you will certainly get you answer soon. And especially i do velieve that showing you breast like that is a source of cancer. So please be patient you will be one more proof that God exist. But please let us know and especially the 55 000 women like you.
Because you don't have any respect to yourself, nor to your husband or boyfreind or what ever you have, so talking to a ``person`` like you doesn't any sence.
So hear about you soonnnnnnnnn if God want it for sure, because you may became Muslim soon after some reflexion time is going very fast and life time is very short to waste it, just think twice look to your body or any of you familly who has some kilos over and he is or she is making her best or his best to loose one pound, and you will know how God'creature is a miracle in it self.
God bless you

Rob Miles

Why is it never surprising when religious nutjobs can't write coherently?


so the retard that posted something before this comment....really? are you that ignorant to think just because a girl shows her hair or God forbid a knee or even a little cleavage its "a sin" OH NO GOD IS GOING TO DESTROY US BC WOMAN HAVE TOO MUCH SKIN!! You do know you are BORN naked right? Or do you have clothing when you come out as well...ignorance is what yu have, complete ignorance, your religion can believe whatever you want, but you also believe that you cant dance and that women are the devil, women help create the children of the world and if it wasnt for MEN war wouldnt be happening. Its funny its in the muslim countries too..nice try though

assy mcgee

mohamed can suck it. The prophet and the above poster.


I applaud this cause. Too many fundamentalists have thought that one should hide the female form.
If it is so that the first and last time that we were truly welcome in God's embrace was in the Garden of Eden, where we stood naked and free from sin, why is it that now showing the form that God molded us into is seen as such an abomination? If you believe that you should repent you sins and seek God's forgiveness than why not live your life the way He had originally made us.
To hide your body says "God, I am ashamed of what you made me".
Mohamed you logic doesn't stand.


Looks like Mohamed got religiowned



Hahahaha! Mohammad's what's wromg with everything today. And he can take the judgmental "God bless you" after his vitriolic diatribe and shove it up his ass.


just to be fair... the christian also commit the same crime of ignorance. remember what happened after haiti? ignorance is the issue here, not religion.


Go girls! Breasts do not cause problems! People being religious fanatics are the problem ! If you got it...flaunt it! IF WE ARE NOT TO QUESTION WHAT OTHERS BELEIVE,WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO PURSECUTE A WOMAN FOR BEING WHAT GOD MADE HER...A BEAUTIFUL,FREE,SHAPELY WOMAN!! I am sure that God does not care about what we look like,but what is in our hearts.

K.M. Sharkey

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